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How to Upload Your Boogie Bodies Video on Facebook & Youtube!

You must first convert you video from a .vob file to a .avi file.

Download your video to the desktop of your computer. This will make it easy for you to find.

There are many ways to convert the file.
Here are several: (These are FREE downloads)

Our first choice:

Visit to get freeware download.

  1. Select download on left hand side then click on green animated box under download link.
  2. You must load the software to your computer to be able to convert the file.
  3. Click agree to the terms and agreement
  4. Continue selecting next > to load the software and then install the software
  5. Once loaded, select “OPEN”.
  6. Find and select your file
  7. AVI VIDEO FORMAT is next, select MPG4.
  8. Ratio, none…or you can select any of the other ratios if you know your screen size
  9. Select CONVERT
  10. This will bring to a screen where you will have to select the location you would like to place the new file
  11. Select your new file, view the video then close it and upload to the social network of your choice.

Our Second Choice

Visit to get free download

  1. Go to step 1, then enter your email address that you wish the file to go to.
  2. Click ‘browse’ under step 2 and locate your downloaded file. Select your file so that it show in the “files you wish to convert”
  3. Under that box you will see Convert To: Next click the green arrow aimed down and select AVI format for the type of file extension you need to convert your Boogie Bodies Best® DVD to. You’ll need to scroll about three quarters downward to find AVI under the heading of VIDEOS.
  4. Next select “Convert It”
  5. Your AVI File will now be sent to the email address you provided.

Note: The second choice takes longer but the results are the same.

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