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Why Shopping Malls Need Boogie Bodies Party Entertainment

People Enjoying Boogie Bodies Best®

Why should you have Boogie Bodies Best® for entertainment at your Mall?

It’s not all about movies… Typically this is what most people expect from a mall these days! You need something else for entertainment – in order to draw customers and families in addition to keeping them spending.

Additionally, you need something new and unusual that no other Mall delivers for entertainment that goes beyond just movies and the usual suspects. Most Mall developers & management across the country totally agree, especially when the economy is down like it is.

Virtually every mall across America has a cinema and the same stores. Now how do you differentiate yourself?

Boogie Bodies Best® is a new interactive dance music video entertainment system that creates excitement for your customers and encourages loyalty to your mall.

“The shopping public is bored,” says Laurence C. Siegel, chairman of Mills Corporation, whose Potomac Mills mall 15 miles south of Washington is the region’s biggest tourist destination, exceeding the White House and Historic Williamsburg…”There is too much sameness in retailing. If you dropped a person into most malls, they would not know what part of the country they were in.”

Entertainment is one of the key drivers of growth in any mall & that’s where Boogie Bodies Best® really delivers. This combination of both retail and entertainment formats under one roof is known as ‘retail-tainment.’

“Retailing is very competitive in this country, says Mary Ann Eastlick, a professor in the Division of Retailing and Consumer Studies at The University of Arizona.” There are simply too many stores and too many shopping centers.

Another reason why you should have Boogie Bodies Best® at your Mall is that it’s a powerful tool for branding your mall name on all DVD’s with the added option of including your logo in the dance music video. Just supply us with the artwork and we’ll do the rest. It’s our gift for inviting us as entertainment.

We typically get booked and paid as entertainment for a flat fee by others. However, what we usually do for malls is offer a percentage of the DVD sales or pay a wholesale flat rate for booth space and/or combine both, instead of charging malls a flat fee for entertaining. Usually mall owners are open to this arrangement because we increase consumption and time spent in the mall.

By letting your customers try Boogie Bodies Best® for free you are providing free entertainment to mall visitors without spending virtually any money to increase consumption and getting families to spend more time in your mall.

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