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Fairs & Festivals: Party Entertainment Attraction in Washington State

People Enjoying Boogie Bodies Best®

Why should you have Boogie Bodies Best® at your Event, Fair or Festival? Boogie Bodies Best® as an interactive entertainment attraction draws huge crowds… That can easily be multiplied with multiple large flat screen TV’s & a professional audio system strategically positioned for maximum impact.

Boogie Bodies Best® creates excitement and fun-loving memories that lasts a lifetime. This also works powerfully as a viral corporate branding tool for sponsors large or small through the placement of a sponsor’s logo on all DVDs as well as the option of including their logo in the dance music video for everybody to see.

However, most fairs usually opt to bring in one or more corporate sponsors to underwrite the daily attraction fee rather than paying it through their entertainment budget.

According to research each DVD copy produced is seen by approximately 47 people in a 3-month period. 100% of the 90-second video is watched from beginning to end and at least 87% watch the videos 3 times or more in a sitting. Not only that, were now showing others step-by-step on how to easily upload their music video to YouTube® , FaceBook® & MySpace® to share with family and friends by email worldwide.

Boogie Bodies Best® is a unique interactive music attraction that will boost attendance and food sales at your Event, Fair or Festival through word of mouth advertising simply because the audience is allowed to have fun for free without being obligated to buy anything.

If they want a memory of their dance music performance they can take it home it on a DVD video and then easily upload it to YouTube® , FaceBook® & MySpace®, which are consistently visited by a combined total of over 220 million unique visitors a month!

See what Boogie Bodies Best® can do for your next Event, Fair or Festival to boost your attraction with something new and different instead of relying on the usual suspects.

Boogie Bodies Best