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FAQ About Boogie Bodies Party Entertainment & Party Favors

What is Boogie Bodies Best®?

Boogie Bodies Best® is an interactive video production where green screen technology superimposes your head on a professional dancer’s body in your very own dance music video. And that’s when the fun & laughter starts.

You can see yourself live on TV as it happens while the crowd around you watches and laughs with you. No need to sing, no need to know the words or even be familiar with the song. Simply smile or move your head together with the dancing body!

How Does Boogie Bodies Best® Work For Guests?

Guests simply look at a song list and choose a song. Next they sit on the stools and we put on their “green screen cape” to reveal only their head. When the dance music video starts, they just bounce their heads as they watch themselves on the TV monitor. Some people like to lip-sync or just goof off— but in any case, it’s very funny to watch the video!

How Much Inside Space Does Boogie Bodies Best® Require?

The Boogie Bodies Best® Kiosk for entertaining inside will fit in a 10’ x 10’ x 8’ space, however a 15’ x15’ space is required for video camera & 3 large screen flat Panel LCD TV’s with stands to attract crowds.

Remember to allow room for all of the spectators.

Do I need Any Special Power or Electrical Outlets?

No. Two standard 15 amp (120V 60Hz) household circuits/receptacles are perfect for Boogie Bodies Best®. However, one 20 amp receptacle is doable.

However, we can supply a quiet running Honda generator that won’t annoy or disturb anybody and allow us to entertain anywhere for 12 hours or more without electrical power should the need arise.

Can Boogie Bodies Best® Be Set Up Outside?

Yes, Boogie Bodies Best® has a professional rolling stage or trailer for entertaining in dry weather. It requires a 20’ x 20’ x 12’ pull through space, preferably in a shaded area with NO western exposure. Because video screens can often be hard to view in direct sunlight. It is also very important that no rain gets on the electronics.

If no pull through space is available then a pick-up truck or forklift will be provided by you to position the rolling stage or trailer.

Remember to allow room for all of the spectators.


How Many People Are Able to Join in or Play Per Hour?

Boogie Bodies Best® efficiently handles 80 to 100 people or 20 to 25 groups per hour. With an average of 4 people per song, that averages to 20 dance music videos per hour. Depending upon the size of the people we can possibly go up to 6 or more people per song.

Typically we position between 1-4 people in each dance music video.  However, we have the capacity to place up to 7 people in each dance music video depending on the event and circumstances.

For Large Events – How Many People Can 1 Boogie Bodies Best® Entertainment System Serve?

Depending upon how many other activities are being offered at the event… On average 1 unit can service a 4 hour event with approximately 320 to 500 guests. We highly recommend having more than 1 unit for 500 guests or more and/or if you have limited time frames to entertain as many guests as possible.

How many songs do you have?

Currently we have 24 popular songs with 15 more coming that are properly licensed and pay royalties on.

For bachelor and bachelorette parties we also have hit songs with sexy bodies’ professionally performing strip tease dancing – providing much entertainment and laughter.

Do You Provide Props Such as Glasses, Hats etc. for People to Wear?

Yes, we provide an assortment of sunglasses to wear. However, we recommend that you bring your own props such as wigs, hats, glasses, Santa or Elf hats and/or Halloween make-up/masks.

Do You Offer a Life-Size Projection Screen or Large LCD Screen TV’s?

Yes, however if you prefer we can always connect the Boogie Bodies Best® entertainment system to your projection, LCD or plasma TV screens for adding to the crowds viewing pleasure.

Boogie Bodies Best® can entertain as large a group as you wish. As a Boogie Bodies Best® client you will have the option of projecting onto larger screens or multiple screens to deliver funtastic music videos to all of your guests.

Do all Guests Get a DVD of their Dance Music Video?

You have the options of either giving each guest who does or doesn’t perform – a DVD to have as a keepsake. And/or charging for each DVD to help reduce your costs or to quickly raise money.

A master DVD containing all of your guest performances is prepared for you to have as a keepsake (memory time capsule) at the end of the event or party.

Can You Upload My Boogie Bodies Best® DVD to YouTube®, MySpace®, FaceBook® etc. to Share with Family & Friends?

Yes, additionally we can also upload your DVD to all the popular video sharing sites – Simply by requesting this service. If you want to do this yourself then you’ll need to convert the DVD as VOB file to an AVI file.

This will help successfully upload your dance music video to YouTube® for the entire world to see while entertaining them with your humor and good looks.

From YouTube your video can be linked to other sites like MySpace, FaceBook & other social networks worldwide.

Does Boogie Bodies Best® Volunteer their Entertainment Services to Charities, Churches & Schools for Fund-Raising?

Yes, we love doing this for worthwhile causes. Boogie Bodies Best® is a terrific fundraiser. Just call or email us to help you raise the money you need for your cause or function. Laughter leads to goodwill and people reaching deeper into their hearts to give.

We typically split the profits – minus a small percentage of our royalty costs per each licensed song sold.

What Does it Take to Get Boogie Bodies Best® to Come Entertain at My Event, Fair, Festival or Mall?

If you can’t pay Boogie Bodies Best® a flat rate to come entertain for you.

Then we can negotiate a percentage of the DVD sales or pay a flat wholesale flat rate for booth space and/or combine both so that this is mutually agreeable.

Usually business management or owners are open to this arrangement because we increase consumption and time spent at the event, fair, festival and/or mall.

By letting your customers/guests try Boogie Bodies Best® for free you are providing free entertainment to your visitors without spending virtually any money to get families to spend more time and thus more money.

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