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Looking for a Party…Where Everyone Can Be a Star and Create a Dance-Music Video?

Famous Celebrities Enjoying Fun Party Entertainment

No Dancing, Singing or Talent Required

If you’re looking for a new and unusual way to provide fun entertainment that makes people feel good, especially when the economy is down like it is – then read on.

Boogie Bodies Best® is a new interactive dance music video entertainment system that creates excitement for your guests and customers while keeping them really satisfied with a hilarious and fun time.

Boogie Bodies Best ® uses state-of-the-art green screen technology to superimpose your head on to a professional dancers body, giving the impression that you are an accomplished dancer for a variety of popular hit songs and appealing stage scenarios.

If you prefer you can even dance or perform in the music video like many others do.

We guarantee you non-stop laughter as you watch your clients, guests, friends and family of all ages being entertained and asking for more. Virtually no one has ever seen anything like this before.

Your guest will not leave empty handed either. Once the music video is completed, the guest can receive a DVD keepsake of their own Boogie Bodies Best ® experience to replay later at home.

The dance-music video can even be uploaded to YouTube, MySpace and FaceBook to share with family and friends worldwide.

We can entertain large and small groups.  Call us now at 1-253-709-2073 to book Boogie Bodies Best ® for your next event.

Boogie Bodies Best